Wednesday, October 21, 2009

baseball and football(compare and contrast)

Two of the most popular sports have got to be baseball and football. These two sports provide entertainment for thousands of people, and give us something to root for every season. Whether you’re a baseball fan or a football fan, you don’t have to know the ends and outs to see they have a lot of difference, yet a lot of similarities, as well.
Looking at a baseball player compared to a football player, you can tell quickly who does more physical training and lifting. Both sports require some sort of physical conditioning, but in baseball it’s all about flexibility and quickness, where as in football, it’s about how much force and explosiveness you have. Try putting a 300 pound lineman at shortstop and see how quick he can get rid of the baseball. Obviously, it’s going to be tougher because his arms are going to naturally move slower.
This brings me to my next point. You train a certain way, simply to play a certain way. Both sports require you to have some sort of mindset out on the playing field. In baseball if you’re not loose and relaxed at your position, you are more likely to stumble over yourself and make errors. Football is the exact opposite. In football you have to be uptight and tense, so you want get killed. It takes numerous of practices to train yourself to stay in that mindset.
That also brings me to my next point. One major similarity between the two sports is the hours of running you put in. It’s the type of running where at the end of the day, your legs still feel like they are moving. Not to mention the nausea that comes with the endless drills. The big difference between the running for baseball players is they don’t have to run with pounds of pads and equipment on . In the end, all the running and practice pays off come game time and the fans are there rooting you on.
Yes the fans! They are what make every sport worth playing. Whether it is for a game saving interception or a walk off homerun, nothing beats that spine tingling roar coming from thousands of fans going nuts and the never ending echo of air horns sounding throughout the stadium. Every infamous sports highlight would be seemingly pointless without the fans. Although it seems like all fans would be the same, they are different in their own way. It’s almost become stereotypical of football fans to tailgate and be a little ruder than baseball fans. Walk up to any Florida Gator fan at the stadium and tell him or her there team is horrible; wait for the response, it will not be pretty. As for baseball fans, they are a tad bit calmer.
Without the fans there would be no players, and without players, there would be no couches. Coaches for a football team or a baseball team are both going to be competitive. What’s different is how they coach. You don’t even have to be a player to know that a football coach is going to be loud and in your face, where as a baseball coach is going to be calmer and explain things to you. This all leads back to the mindset a football and baseball player must have. You can’t have a loud and in your face baseball couch, simply because the players will be uptight and tense and vice versa.
Knowing these two sports are similar, it’s the little difference that makes me still prefer baseball. After all, it is America’s past time.


  1. i thought the intro was great. the conclusion is good also. i loved your details and your point by point organization is great. i like how you included hummor in your paper and the discriptions. i don't anything about sports, but i could follow your paper easily. you may want to work on your transitions from one paragraph to the next. other than that, it was a great paper. it makes me wonder if you can do this good for a rough draft, what the final draft will be. good work

  2. Every paragraph started with a point of comparison and then the specific differences of those points followed. In the last paragraph, I think you started off with football, whereas, before you had been starting with baseball first, and then football, but other than that it all followed a logical organization.

  3. A few grammar issues should be cleared up, but otherwise your essay is strong. I think it could have a little bet better flow and transition, but structurally it is sound and it was a joy to read.

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